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  Ming-Feng Electric Equipment is in the design, manufacture and sale of electric induction heater, with processing equipment slings, slings with fittings, hydraulic roof pump hydraulic pump as the main products of the enterprise, and widely involved in science and technology, industry, trade and other areas of diversification.

  Ming Feng Electric Equipment formed the synthesis of the ten industry groups, and established the climax of the development of industry, human resources development of top targets, the use of top-level industry leading talent development at the same time, continue to broaden the relevant industries, to lead the future of the industry.

  Ming Feng Electric Equipment is using a full range of management and rely on a strong design, R & D team, strict implementation of ISO9001 process control, combined with its entrepreneurial spirit, so that humanity Ming Feng products are designed to be highly-fold. At the same time, we will actively develop new technology, create new products, develop new projects as the most important task, using unlimited resources of the network around the world to provide the most stringent technical support for lifting, equipment maintenance, industrial pipeline and other projects.

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